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Разработчик Grain Farmers of Ontario

FarmCentral provides farmers with a single application from which they can access a series of quality mobile farming resources. The platform launches as a gateway to several applications with more resources being added with each new version.

FarmCentral houses SellSmart, Grain Farmers of Ontario’s app to assist farmers in Ontario in selling their grains (corn, soybeans and wheat) in the commodity market as well as AgBids, which allows farmers to simultaneously request an actual bid from numerous buyers as well as enable farmers to request a fertilizer price from multiple sellers at a nearby location. As new apps are developed, FarmCentral will become the main entry point for a comprehensive selection of online tools for Ontario’s grain farmers.

A user account is not required and this tool is available to all users.

Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) is an organization that represents over 28,000 farmers in Ontario. They perform services such as marketing, exposure, lobbying and economies of scale for their members. Download the app today to begin taking advantage of the tools available for your device, or for more information visit