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EASIEST Pokemon GO Bot EVER!!! (Ban Bypassing, Auto Farmer, Duplicate Transfer + More!)

Here's a Pokemon GO Botting video! Here is how you use and setup the bot! (I'm sorry all descriptions were updated to remove previous spam! Check newer ...

Duolingo: Pittsburgh Innovators Profile

Luis von Ahn, one of the pioneers of crowdsourcing and the man who brought the world CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA, has now brought us Duolingo, a free ...

Pot Farm fun: Episode 1: How to start up a farm

twitter:!/Bordyy Pot Farm: Hope you guys enjoy it! PLEASE ...

Live, Pasture-Raised, Thanksgiving Turkeys at Mountain Run Farm in Sedalia, VA #2

The second of three videos capturing our Thanksgiving turkeys enjoying their new pasture. These turkeys are thriving on a balanced diet of grasses, herbs, and ...

How to Block Face out in Video

Pokemon GO - GPS + Pokevision + Macro

Don't Pokemon and Drive, just GO spoof GPS Magikarp + Dratini farm.

Farming Simulator 2011 - Road Train

I hooked up 10 grain trailers together. I can hall almost 300000 unites of grain.